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tv   Early Today  NBC  March 4, 2016 4:00am-4:30am EST

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andrews former espn colleague to testify about whether the video effected her career. >> did you have any concern with ms. andrews' performance in 2009? >> it was a wait and see approach. wait and see how she would perform. but i remember thinking, i was amazed at the performance she was giving. >> after both sides make their case, the jury must decide whether the hotel shares blame with the stocker and how much in damages she should receive. canadian prime minister is not shy about giving the american people a little advice. he says quote it might be nice if they paid a little more attention to the world, referring to american's interest in world events. he adds that canadians have to
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because of importance and they want the same in return. he's set to visit the white house next thursday for a state din wrner with the obamas. and check it out a passing motorist in fontana, california captured this at a stop light. and one getting kicked in the behind and they spilled into the middle of the road before others broke up the braup and everyone got back in their cars and drove off. . it's unclear what prompted the fight. this is what it looks like in time's square right now where snow is falling. it's just started a little while ago and the winter storm is headed east and with that nbc meteorologist, bill karins is re. >> hopefully the last snow of the winter. >> all it's hope so. >> we'll have school delays and cancellations, especially outside of the big cities.
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ethe issues. there's been more moderate to heavy snow where we thought it would be. through southern portions of maryland maryland. two to four inches at most. by 10:00 a.m., it's along the jersey shore. it's already over with in much of virginia and by the time we get to 12:00 noon, it will be a big huge storm but we won't have any problems through the afternoon hours. maybe school delays more than cancellations in that area. all eyes on the west coast this weekend. the weather pattern completely changes. a big storm in california with a lot of rain and mountain snows. and the warm up heads east. it is starting to get warmer in the southeast on sunday. in the northeast hints of it,
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warm for the eastern half of the england. temperatures for highs in the 60s. so, we can deal with one last snow. >> especially since 60s are right around the corner. we'll take it. bill, thank you so much. well, we'll tell you the one thing that will drive the stock market today. aresident post prential id heartre, isalys on e rise sy worsen becausur hen't mpg well (waterling r ab perceof pdieog whimping) th 5 yrs ofgeing sed. but the'someg yon do. o yotor hear ilureatmenons.
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use ers made grea not duff and the craziest game of the year. we head to minnesota and two high school teams. marshal high school ties it with three at the buzzer. and the game goes to over time. now to the third over time we go and now one second to play. unbelievable shot there. that sent the game into a fourth over time and in the fourth
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school, now inbounding the ball. how else do you think it would end? and they head to the minnesota state tourney for a wild win over marshal high school 103-100. and the warrior steph curry gearing up in front of prince and golden state tieing the all time nba record for consecutive home wins at 44. and rajon rondo led the way to their first win since february of 2003. and oracle team u.s.a., well, six sailers did all they could to keep their high tech boat above water.
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assignment in "whiskey tango fox trot." and last night on the tonight show things got hot and spicy. >> okay. >> ready. on your mark, get set, go. >> i can't do it. [ buzzer] >> that was disappointing. >> how would you fair in something like that? >> if you're in the contest just to eat it, you just got to down it. >> oh, no, you taste the hot. that's spicy. i'm dara brown.
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neutrogena .eehas ssle man killed in an officer- involved shoot willing be laid to rest. this as family and community members get answers to what happened that faithful day. the reason authorities believe a man rammed his car in to a federal building. >> this campaign, donald trump marked everybody with personal attacks. >> this little guy lied so much about my record. he has lied. >> the gloves come off, yes, once again, in the latest republican presidential debate, a look at the most talked about moments of the nite. we are in to friday right now,


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